Ciarra Richards Photography

Capturing the Beauty and Essence of Life

About Me

Hello! My name is Ciarra Richards, I am a passionate portrait photographer. My motto is, capturing the beauty and essence of life through my lens.

To me, photography is so much more than a singular photo; it's about connection and emotion, to people and to the world around us. I find inspriation in the beauty of nature combined with the intricacies of our own emotions. I believe that every person, place, and event has a unique story to tell. I strive to capture those moments, to experience the thrill of being able to evoke an emotional response in others.

Though I haven't had my personal business long I have been immersed in the world of photography for years. It started with my first photography class back in 2013 and over the years, with more advanced education courses, it has become my main source of income; and overall, it is my main source of joy. Any professional photographer would agree that when you make this art the priority in your life everything you do connects to it. I live and I breathe for these moments behind my camera. 

Some of my favorite shoots center around highlighting feminine beauty. I think of them as passion projects. I myself have struggled with feeling feminie and beautiful, so when I get the opportunity to assist others in finding that elation of self love and seeing themselves expressed so elegantly, it's very personal to me. There are no words to describle that blissful gratification.

Above all, through my lens, I immortalize life's whispers. I paint my heart's stories with light and shadows. The galleries I create of cherished memories truly speak to my soul. If you're looking for someone dedicated to fulfilling your creative ideas, look no further!